By George Yancey |
Published in July of 2020

SUMMARY: Baylor University professor George Yancey says that the white fragility term has some truths, but there is a better way to engage in dialogue and come up with solutions between people of different colors. Yancey provides a third way that many Christians have been looking for that brings unity, lasting peace, equality through humility, mutuality and the willingness to act in the interest of others as Jesus teaches us. He writes about the stalemate between the defensiveness and ambivalence of racism deniers while addressing the frustration that many people have who want to contribute but feel intimidated or left out.

KEY QUOTE: “We need solutions that pull us together, not drive us apart. That’s the only way out of the racial alienation that’s poisoning our society. We don’t need more recrimination and name-calling. “Victories” through those techniques will be temporary, and they will continue to cause alienation. The only way forward is together.”

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