ARTICLE: The Growing Anti-Democratic Threat of Christian Nationalism

By Andrew Whitehead and Samuel Perry | Time.comPublished in October of 2020 SUMMARY: Andrew Whitehead and Samuel Perry, authors of Taking America Back for God, define what Christian nationalism is, what the movement's key ideologies have been throughout history, and why the ideology is a threat to democracy. KEY QUOTE: "A political theology that co-opts…

BOOK: Bad Faith

How did the Republican party and white evangelicals become synonymous? Has abortion always been the focus of the Republican party and white evangelicals? In a tight, accessible 100 pages, author Randall Balmer traces the roots of the Religious Right and its wedding to the Republican party from the 1830s through the 1970s and then links the movement to its current iteration in the 21st century.

BOOK: Liturgy of the Ordinary

Many American Christians have bifurcated their lives into the secular and the sacred. We have divorced divine meaning from our mundane tasks and everyday jobs. We have adopted the rhythms, beliefs, and postures of the world. As a result, there is little difference between how Christians and non-Christians live their lives. Americans of all ages are leaving the church while depression, hopelessness, and suicide continue to climb. Author and priest Tish Harrison Warren says it doesn't have to be this way.

MOVIE: Peace Officer

What if you witnessed the SWAT team that you established as sheriff kill your son-in-law? Peace Officer follows former Utah sheriff William "Dub" Lawrence using his 45-years as a police officer to privately investigate the killing of his son-in-law, Brian Wood. Wood was killed in 2008 after a muddled standoff with police.


The words we use matter. Therefore when we use words, especially words that are intended as an insult, we should be fully aware of their history and meaning. Unfortunately many Christians use woke as an insult ignorant of the terms history. One way we can show respect to our fellow image bearers is by learning about the history of a word. By reading, listening to, and watching the various forms of media below you should have the start of a well-rounded understanding of the word woke and why Christians should stop using it as a pejorative.

BOOK: God and Guns in America

Few Christian books can integrate and appeal to Scripture without sounding preachy, pretentious, or perfunctory. Even more so when an author takes on a polarizing subject such as guns. And yet this is what Michael W. Austin's God and Guns in America excels at. Biblically rooted as well as logically sound, Austin's approachable writing style is like sitting with a friend telling you how and why they arrived at a conclusion - in this case, his view on guns/gun violence through a Christian lens.