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Released in April of 2019

SUMMARY: Based on the book (which we also recommend) with the same name Beating Guns centers on RAW tools founder Michael Martin and activist Shane Claiborne and their 2018 protest that attempted to deliver a gun turned garden tool to Pennsylvania senator Pat Toomey in hopes of him supporting legislation to ban assault rifles.

KEY QUOTES: “Losing lives because of preventable violence at the systemic, structural and interpersonal level is an act of sin and it is something the church must own as our primary function as we declare the good news of Jesus to the world. How can we save souls if (the) bodies are already dead?”

DID YOU KNOW? We curated four guided learning paths on guns and gun violence to help you learn about the subject through a distinctly Christian lens.

Our latest curated resources on guns/gun violence:

MOVIE: The Armor of Light

One is a minister and one is a mother. Both are Christians. The Armor of Light chronicles the journey of pastor Rob Schenck and mother Lucy McBath from being silent about gun violence to devoting their lives to talking about gun violence within and outside of the church.

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MOVIE: 91%

91% of Americans support universal background checks on all gun sales, so why did a 2013 bipartisan bill with presidential support fail in the U.S. Senate? How come universal background check bills in 2015 and 2016 failed as well? 91% examines the influence and tactics the NRA uses in American politics to block universal background…

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