By Daniel Darling | Lifeway
Published in August of 2019

SUMMARY: The consumption of news from a Christian perspective should be unique and discerning. Pastor Daniel Darling lays out six questions to ask which involve variety, humility, and patience when we engage with and/or share news.

KEY QUOTE: “It’s important for followers of Jesus to be discerning with our news media diet so we can accurately assess the world and more fully love our neighbors.”

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More curated resources on how to read the news:

BOOK: Untrustworthy

The late pastor James Atwood believed guns to be the biggest problem facing the American church. Author Jemar Tisby argues that racism and white supremacy are. In Untrustworthy, Bonnie Kristian asserts the largest problem facing American churches is epistemic (epistemic — of or relating to knowledge or knowing).  According to Kristian — the poisons of…

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BOOK: Reading the Times

From newspaper fact checkers to evaluation methods such as S.I.F.T. to diversifying one’s news feeds, there is a tremendous amount of time and energy devoted to debunking lies and conspiracy theories. Despite the trend to provide more quality information to the public, according to a 2022 PPRI poll, 60% of white evangelical Protestants believe the…

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