By Jon Tyson | Watch | Listen | 44m
Published in May of 2018

SUMMARY: In a nuanced, informative, and kind sermon, pastor Jon Tyson defines privilege as “when you do nothing and you get something.” Tyson then proceeds to give the history of the modern understanding of privilege saying that most people land on the rights side or the responsibility side on the privilege spectrum. Using Philippians 2:1-11 as his basis he says that Christians need a distinct approach to privilege – a redirection that elevates and benefits those who need help in our society.

KEY QUOTE: “While the world is debating left and right, whether or not privilege is about rights or whether it is about personal responsibility in the midst of the cultural discussion Christians need to just leave the table and take on the garment of servants and wash the feet of the world. To be in the world in ways that get into these intersections of opposition, through small acts to hold up some signs so some people can get through. This is our call.”

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