By Brad Williams | Listen/Watch | 34m
Published in June of 2020

SUMMARY: Beaverton FourSquare (Beaverton, OR) pastor Brad Williams gives parallels to what the early church in Acts 6 experienced to what the current church is going through. The Bible has the answers if we are willing to see them.

KEY QUOTE: “The twelve disciples from what we can see – they didn’t get defensive. They didn’t explain what happened, or how it happened. They didn’t argue with the finer points. They seemingly said, “Yep, you are right.” We have ignored your widows. And then the next verses are dedicated to explaining their solution which by the way included elevating these Hellenistic Jews into positions of authority and influence in the church. Let me say this, we need to hear this. The question facing us is not whether or not prejudice and distinction exist – that is not a question. The question is what will be do about these things?”

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