SHOW: Quiet No More

In a moving 27-minutes Quiet No More tells the story of reverend Sharon Risher's process of dealing with her anger and her journey to forgiveness. In 2015 she lost three family members after a white supremacist murdered nine people at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina.

SHOW: NRA Under Fire

NRA Under Fire takes a look at the transformation of the NRA from an organization focusing on teaching gun safety to a group primarily concerned with gun rights. The film details the tactics used by the NRA against gun legislation, how the NRA has been so successful at blocking gun legislation for decades, and the battle between the NRA and politicians who want to introduce gun legislation.

SHOW: Gospel And Guns: How Religion And Gun Law Intertwine In America

In Louisville, Kentucky a church holds a service where guns are given away in a raffle. In Charleston, South Carolina the family of victims of the Charleston mass shooting in 2015 choose to forgive the gunman. In Apopka, Florida a gun manufacturer makes rifles with Psalm 144:1 engraved on the gun. Which one looks like Christ to you?