TV-G | YouTube | 6 min
Released in October of 2018

SUMMARY: In an engaging six minutes, Uncivil History gives the context surrounding the Pilgrims arrival on the shores of the Turtle Island, while dispelling some of the common myths associated with Thanksgiving.

KEY QUOTES: “There is nothing wrong with sharing a feast of thanks with loved ones. But remember the true events that started the holiday, and not the fairy tale.”

DID YOU KNOW? We have a learning capsule about Thanksgiving with resources to help faithfully learn about the holiday.

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MOVIE: The Pilgrims

While The Pilgrims won’t win any awards for being the most exciting documentary (this was directed by Ric Burns, the younger brother of Ken Burns), it excels at showing the context that caused the Pilgrims to make the radical decision to cross the Atlantic Ocean with little chance of surviving. In two hours, the film…

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