By Phil Vischer | | 272 pages
Published in February of 2008

SUMMARY: In honest, down to earth writing Phil Vischer tells the story of his dream of becoming the “Christian Disney” — and almost achieving that — before God had other plans.

Vischer doesn’t get bogged down in too many details nor does he wax poetic about what could have been. He just tells his story and his changing relationship with God. Highly recommended.

KEY QUOTE: “God did not kill Big Idea. I never for a second blamed God for the collapse of my dream. I dusted the body for fingerprints, and they were all mine. What I wrestled with, instead, was the fact that God could have saved Big Idea Productions. He could have stepped in, erased my mistakes, and kept Bob and Larry in my hands for the sake of the kingdom. I mean, he’s God, right? He can do anything. But he didn’t.”

BONUS: Don’t have time to read the book? Listen to Vischer present the main themes of the book from a presentation in November of 2018.

DID YOU KNOW?: Sunday to Saturday has a Good Reads page where we post all of the books we have read – even the ones that didn’t make the cut.

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