TV-MA | | 1h 40m
Released in June 2019

SUMMARY: Knitting his personal family’s history with the establishment of the Equal Justice Initiative and the history of slavery and segregation Bryan Stevenson makes a strong case that America – its people and its institutions – need to learn and recognize the legacy of lynching, segregation and slavery and it’s far reaching effects to move towards reconciliation. There is significant overlap with his book Just Mercy, but seeing the people he has helped and the National Memorial for Peace and Justice makes the documentary worth watching if you have already read the book.

The entire documentary is available on YouTube for free.

KEY QUOTE: “I want there to be repair in this country not just for communities of color that have been victimized by bigotry and discrimination. I want it it to be for all of us. I don’t think we can get free until we are willing to tell the truth about our history. I do believe in truth and reconciliation – I just think truth and reconciliation are sequential. You can’t have the reconciliation without the truth.”

BONUS: After watching the documentary check out our review of Stevenson’s book Just Mercy.

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