By LaTasha Morrison | | 256 pages
Published in October of 2019

SUMMARY: Weaving her personal experience with being in a predominantly white church and the beginning of the Be the Bridge program LaTasha Morrison provides details on how one can move from acknowledging and lamenting our racist past to confessing our complicity in it to repentance and full restoration.

“We can’t bypass the weight of our guilt and shame if we intend to arrive at true reconciliation and justice,” Morrison says.

What sets Be the Bridge apart from other books is its robust framework and support for learning about what a bridge builder is and what a bridge builder does. There is a heavy emphasis on continuing one’s education after reading the book. has a wealth of well organized information. We recommend starting with BTB101 resource and the accompanying PDF. After that find a church with a Be the Bridge program – two examples are Imago Dei (Portland, OR) and Trinity Church (Cedar Hill, TX) – or look into starting one at your own church.

KEY QUOTE: “Repairing what’s broken is a distinctly biblical concept, which is why as people of faith we should be leading the way into redemption, restoration, and reconciliation.”

BONUS: If you do not have time to read the book, listen to Morrison’s 40 minute conversation on the Don’t Mom Alone podcast.

DID YOU KNOW?: Sunday to Saturday has a Good Reads page where we post all of the books we have read – even the ones that didn’t make the cut.

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