BOOK: Reading While Black

White men have had a monopoly on Biblical interpretation in the west and the United States for hundreds of years.  The voices of women and minorities have not been allowed to bring their valuable insight into Biblical analysis.  Dr. Esau McCaulley's Reading While Black is his attempt to add to the cannon of Black Biblical interpretation in the steps of James Cone, Dr. Martin Luther King,  W.E.B Duboise and countless others.

BOOK: How (Not) to Read the Bible

There seems to be a common assumption that if we just pick up the Bible and read it then it will make sense.  And while we want to acknowledge that God can choose to reveal insights to individuals we also want to highlight that God also provides us with resources, such as historical documents and books, to enhance our understanding of the Bible. With honesty and humility How (Not) to Read the Bible provides indispensable reading tips while tackling some of the seemingly anti-women, pro-violence, and pro-slavery texts.