White Privilege

Gracious and gentle and condescending God, God of peace, Father of mercy, God of all comfort; see, I lament before you the evil of my heart; I acknowledge that I am too much disposed to anger, jealousy, and revenge, to ambition and pride, which often give rise to discord and bitter feelings between me and others. Too often in this way I have offended and grieved you, my long suffering Father, as well as my neighbors. Oh! forgive me this sin, and allow me to share in the blessing which you have promised to the peacemakers, who shall be called the children of God.

2000 Years of Prayer, Johann Arndt

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ARTICLE: The United States of Privilege

After breaking down what privilege means author Jemar Tisby gives Christians ways to engage in their local communities while giving a Biblical framework for understanding privilege and how to use it for good.


BOOK: White Awake

A fantastic, thorough read penned with humility, nuance and honesty. If you are looking for an extensive resource on your journey towards racial reconciliation or are wondering what that process entails this is the book for you.



PODCAST: Episode 4: Dr. Eric Mason

Dr. Dharius Daniels talks with Dr. Eric Mason as they define what black lives matter and white privilege mean within the context of the gospel. The information is practical and helpful and calls on Christians to share a distinct voice that is a representative of Biblical justice.



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