By Theology in the Raw | Listen | Watch | 1 h 23m
Published in June of 2021

SUMMARY: In a vulnerable and nuanced discussion about race, critical race theory, politics, the church, and culture host Preston Sprinkle and Dr. Ed Uszynski talk about finding the “transcendent middle” while getting to the root of the problem on how some Christians approach CRT with a lack of empathy and theological understanding of justice.

This podcast pairs nicely with Lamont English‘s article Critical Race Theory is the New Boogeyman for the White Evangelical Reformed Church.

KEY QUOTE: “Christian people, in general, have been doing a poor job of recognizing that there are different conversations going on in Babylon, as you are referring to the larger secular culture, as opposed to what is going on in the church. They may need to be the same topics that need to get discussed, but the line of thinking, what we appeal to, our ability to separate ourselves out from political positions – to not do that. It ends up mudding the conversation. For example, when it comes to race. There is a conversation that is happening in the greater culture that is heading into a particular directions, that is being fueled by a particular language and systems of thinking – the critical theory, and Marxism, identity politics that is all part of the battle that is happening – systemic racism, police brutality – all this language. And I am not saying this is good or bad – I am just saying it is over there being talked about in secular culture. Inside the church we should have some different language – we should have a theological understanding of justice for example, we should be immersed in care and concern for vulnerable populations regardless of color, gender and background we should robustly be able to think about what it means to care for the least of these….that is a Biblical idea that we should be immersed in theologically and Biblically, but I don’t think that is happening for most Christian people. I think most Christian people are engaging those issues, if they are doing it at all, with the secular stuff and don’t recognize we need to separate ourselves and think it two different lanes.” – Dr. Ed Uszynski

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