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Released in April 2020

SUMMARY: From activists to local board members to pastors to state senators For the Love tells the story of what it can mean to be a Christian and be involved with politics. The interviewees know that the political process can be messy, but Christians acting distinctly and getting involved, especially at the local level, is one of the best and often overlooked ways to love our neighbors. This is a highly recommended resource and a great starting point on your learning journey.

Provide your name and e-mail address at https://faithandpubliclife.com/flo for a link to watch the movie for free and make sure to download the discussion guide down below.

KEY QUOTE: “I don’t think it is just soup kitchen work or even social work. I think those are huge elements of loving your neighbor, but I also think showing up and figuring out what the tax rate should be for your town budget or where the sidewalk should be built, or what grants we should apply for to make sure that the playground becomes more handicap accessible. All those things are loving my neighbor and the change that can happen locally and the ability of politicians/public officials to listen to people and to feel impacted by the decisions is a lot greater locally.”

BONUS: After watching the film, check out the excellent discussion guide.

DID YOU KNOW? We have distilled the media we have curated into five guided learning paths to help you learn about politics — from a Christian perspective — in your preferred learning style.

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