Watching the debates can be emotionally taxing and frustrating. Here are some resources that we have found helpful to process the debates. For schedule and channel information on the upcoming debates visit

  • Read chapter 5 (Messaging and Rhetoric) and chapter 8 (Civility and Political Culture) from Compassion (&) Conviction for a reminder on how our leaders, and us, should be engaging with each other and the public.
  • Reclaiming Hope Newsletter – Not only will you get commentary by Michael Wear, but you will be able to participate in a respectful live discussion about the debate. We highly recommend signing up – $5 a month/$50 a year.
  • The Dispatch Live – Following each presidential debate members of The Dispatch team will analyze the debate for one hour. This helps us process what we have just watched and heard. An e-mail will be sent out with a Vimeo link the night before the debate.
  • 0NY Times fact checking – Reporters from the New York Times fact check what was said in the debates in real time. Don’t like the New York Times? Try USA Today or

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