By Love Thy Neighborhood | Listen | 45m
Published in December of 2019

SUMMARY: In a polished Radiolab (NPR) style presentation complete with commentary interspersed with interviews and upbeat music the hosts expertly tell the story of polarization and its two main effects on Christians. One, it creates a sense of political homelessness which results in silence. Two, it destroys our ability to talk with our neighbors. This is a entertaining and a welcomed break from the traditional interview or commentary style podcast – highly recommended.

KEY QUOTE: “I once heard a pastor once say that you know you are following Jesus when those outside the church can’t tell which political party you are for. As Christians we need to be confusing to Republicans and Democrats. Where they can’t quite peg us and put us into a box. We are confusing their ideology to a large part because that’s not our ideology. Our ideology isn’t always conservative and it’s not always progressive. Being conservative on every issue – it ignores the reality that God does not want oppression to be conserved and being progressive on every issue ignores the reality that God’s truth cannot be improved upon.”

Listen to the podcast at

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