By Pantsuit Politics | Listen | 1h 18m
Published in July of 2020

SUMMARY: While divisive politics and partisan news sources seem new, if you look to history, much of the terrain we are trying to navigate is nothing new. Sure, social media makes it more complicated but this environment has been with us since the start of the United States.

Hosts Sarah Stewart Holland and Beth Silvers say media is tough to consume as it is a mix of culture, government and industry. Recognizing those distinctions is important before diving in. The hosts do an excellent job of recommending news sources while also suggesting how to evaluate a candidate. Although on the long side we highly recommended podcast. Part of a four part how to be a citizen series.

KEY QUOTE: “We have a myth in this country that public debate is based on this sort of bucket of facts that are completely neutral and all the way agreed upon. Everybody goes to the bucket, picks out the facts and then debates the facts. I am just not sure that has every been true. I am not sure that is how it ever works with human beings. If we release that pressure on ourselves to engage with media that way…If we could just ease off of that expectation I think the public debate would feel less fraught.”

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