By Issue One | YouTube | 1h 27m
Published in August of 2020

SUMMARY: A well rounded discussion with southern Baptist leader Dr. Richard Land, the AND campaign’s Justin Giboney and Michael Wear, author Kaitlyn Schiess, recording artist Michael W. Smith with Issue One’s Weston and Zach Wamp moderating the talk.

The group touched on being a Christian and being involved in politics, how different generations get involved in politics, and what news sources the panelists use and trust. We like that this has differing point of views.

KEY QUOTE: “I think the search for the silver bullet source that is just going to give it (the news) as it is [doesn’t exist]. There is no single answer to these questions. There is no single way to look at political ideas that is going to give you everything. What I advise people is to read as broadly as you can. And to make sure you are reading things that are challenging your political viewpoint. Keep track of your news media consumption over a week or two and if you find there aren’t multiple times over the course of those two weeks where you read something that made you think, ‘Gosh, maybe I am wrong on this issue.’ or ‘I’ve never looked at this way.’ Then you are doing yourself a disservice.” – Michael Wear

DID YOU KNOW?: Sunday to Saturday has a YouTube page with curated playlists.

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