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SUMMARY: Attorney Justin Giboney and pastor Chris Butler breakdown policies and headlines through a Christian worldview without a party bias. If you are disillusioned or without a party then this is the podcast for you. It is nuanced and challenging and a desperately needed point of view that is distinctly Christian, but not partisan.

KEY QUOTE: “There is a cross that neither political conservatism nor progressivism that is fit to bear. There is a civic hearing in need of witnesses that love social justice and won’t surrender the truth to be loved by the world. Politic with the boldness and compassion of Jesus Christ.”

The Insurrection & The Church The Church Politics Podcast

Justin Giboney and Chris Butler discuss the Christian role in Trump's madness and the US Capitol insurrection. They also talk about the role ambition and fear play in our politics and why American politics need courage and a reset.
  1. The Insurrection & The Church
  2. CP | An Opposition-Centered Public Witness (Final Episode of 2020)
  3. CP | Corporate Wokeness and Human Rights

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