By Sam Haist | Christianity Today
Published in September of 2020

SUMMARY: A call to pastors but applicable to everyone to breach the subject of politics – not in a partisan way – but in distinct ways by focusing on principles before policies, using curriculum developed by the Center for Public Justice and prioritizing love – and yes that includes the people you disagree with.

KEY QUOTE: “If discipleship is about following Jesus with all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength—a wholehearted commitment of all we think, do, love, and say—shouldn’t this include our politics as well?”

BONUS: The Center for Public Justice provides a free 11 session course “that provides a practical approach to Christian citizenship and engagement with public justice. It is designed to help small groups explore faithful, Christian citizenship by practicing citizenship together.

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Empathy is the key to healing America. It needs to be learned as it provides the path to loving our neighbor and the solution to real-world problems.

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